Garage Style Magazine

ISSUE 28 - Spring 2015

Our first issue of the year is out and about, and already sales have been high!  Our cover issue hails from the Pacific Northwest where a man has spent a good long time gathering Lamborghini and Shelby automobiles.  The Diablo on the wall used to hang in the Lamborghini corporate center in Sant Agata.  GSM also takes a peak at a long, long garage with oodles of neon and porcelain signs, as well as a collection of 1932 Ford grilles in various colors attached to the ceiling.  And, we had a day at the races - slot car races, at least, where a standard-issue, two-car garage has been turned into a race track inside.  And, March 27 marks the day the Mecum Auction Company will begin selling the signs of the Walker Collection, an amazing amassment of interesting signs from around the country - GSM got a sneak peak.  Grab yourself a copy now, use the "Find My Magazine" tool on this website, or use your iPad or iPhone to download an electronic subscription!

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