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Many, many times it is brought to my attention that readers want to see more average-sized garages, and I agree.  To see an average-sized garage that has been made over to accommodate the automotive interests of a regular car enthusiast is great.  Issue 35 is a fantastic example, the cover which featured a very well styled three-car garage (two across, two tandem). Truth be told, we usually have at least one average-sized garage in each issue, but, obviously, in spite of our efforts, they seem to get lost in the shuffle of mega garages, overshadowed by square footage aplenty.  But, rest assured, we do feature them.

This issue in particular hosts four average-sized garages.  One, a garage in Australia that actually utilizes a room in the house behind the main, two-car attached garage creating a sort of showcase space for a car guy who also loves surfing and bicycle racing.  Another two-car garage is home to a relatively famous 1965 Chevrolet Impala SS396, and two of the garages featured within are dedicated to motorcycles exclusively, one in a three-car garage, the other in a two-car garage.  I think this is the first time this has happened, that each garage featured in GSM is of the average size nature, which I’m excited about, and hope you are too.

As much as this might sound like an excuse, average-sized garages are hard to get a hold of.  Too many times I’ve talked to owners of nicely appointed two- and three-car garages about featuring them in GSM and have been told politely thank you, but no.  The most common reason being, they feel they can’t compete with the warehouse-sized garages we so often feature.  I’ve never liked hearing that.  This isn’t a competition, it’s something else entirely, it’s camaraderie, it’s sharing, it’s enjoying, it’s the never-ending garage tour.  I’ve said a thousand times, the garage is the place where fans of Ferrari and Lamborghini, Porsche and Corvette, Mustang and Camaro, Honda and Toyota, and so on can put their differences aside and enjoy one another’s stories and ideas.  We’re not here to compete with one another, at least not in the sanctuary of the garage.  Neither the size of one’s wallet, nor the square footage of one’s garage defines an individual’s enthusiasm for cars, automobilia, petroliana, and nostalgia.  What defines a garage is how you enjoy it, how you celebrate within.

Now, with all that said, in speaking of celebrating, it’s that time of year again already.  The holidays are upon us and families are coming together to enjoy company and gift giving.  We here at Garage Style wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season, and hope you’ll still take a few days and spend some time in the garage.

- Don Weberg

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